Commission a Portrait

Portrait of Anne Phillips

I see portraiture as a visual link between generations.

Nowadays we have an abundance of means to document our appearances, yet a portrait painting is different, providing a more emotional connection between you and your descendants. Long after photographs have faded, portrait paintings will remain.

To commission a fine art piece is an enjoyable and exciting experience – especially in the case of portraiture.

Whether you commission a portrait of yourself or your loved ones, the resulting work of art will be with you for years to come, giving joy and radiating the love which inspired the artwork.

To me the process of painting a portrait is immensely satisfying. I regard myself as a channel for the client, here to translate their sentiments into visual form.

If you are pondering commissioning a portrait painting, please browse my portfolio of past commissions. I hope this will inspire you to give yourself, or someone you cherish, this unique gift.

And if you are ready to proceed, feel free to contact me, or read on about the process.