Life Sketching Commission

The life sketching commission - drawing of a head
A different portrait commission

A life sketching portrait is my offering that captures a moment in life in a few quick sketches. It evolved from a conversation with a gallery visitor in Rye for a weekend with his children of 5 and 7. Seeing examples of my various portrait paintings, he thought of a portrait of the children as a birthday gift for his wife. They had limited time in the town so, looking for a quick solution, we came up with the idea of a life sketching session.

What is life sketching commission?

It is one session of me sketching my sitter or sitters, that lasts between 1.5 to 2 hours, and will result in 5-10 quick drawings in pencil on A4 paper. They vary in accuracy. Usually, 2-3 better graphics and a few more abstract ones. This commission is perfect for drawing children aged from a few months to 6-7 years. They may not have the patience to sit still for two hours but will happily watch a cartoon, draw, or listen to a story. While the kids are engaged, I work my way around them, trying to capture their essence in a few quick lines.

A Special Gift

The session can be held at my studio or at your place, whichever is more convenient. At the end of the session, all of the sketches I have done will be yours; some will be more of a study, but some will be frame worthy. A life sketching portrait commission can make a very special gift for a spouse or the children's grandparents, ideal for a birthday or for Christmas.

What my clients say

"I commissioned these pictures of our daughter as a Christmas present for my husband, as I was looking for a more unusual gift. The sitting we did was very informal and relaxed, and Marina was very accommodating to the needs of a 3-month-old baby. My husband was thrilled with the pictures and says they are something he will cherish forever."

Georgina Lobo

"I Am Going To Do Art"

A life sketch of my daughter Alina "doing art" on the floor of my studio.

"Visiting Marina in her studio was a real pleasure for my young daughter and me. Marina's gentle persona calmed a potentially tricky customer in my 2-year-old!
Her exquisite pencil sketches uncovered my daughter's personality and captured her beautifully. Pencil was the perfect medium for a child her age, as Marina could work quickly around my daughter as she played and chatted. We cherish her portrait more than any photograph, as it preserves a piece of toddlerhood which no photograph has managed to do in quite the same way."

Naomi Benson"

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Drawing takes time. A line has time in it.

David Hockney

In drawing, nothing is better than the first attempt.

Pablo Picasso

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