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Contemporary Center for Printmaking 13th Miniprint Biennale

"Orchid" - black and white picture of an orchid flower. Original print mezzotint by painter-printmaker Marina Kim


This little mezzotint print "Orchid" was selected for the 13th Miniprint Biennale at the Contemporary Center for Printmaking in Norwalk, Connecticut.

The quality of the mezzotint method is perfect for conveying the play of light on the objects. In this instance, it is the light shining through the petals of the orchid flowers that I enjoyed capturing on a tiny copper plate. Nothing can compare to the peace and contentment of working towards something with a clear vision of the result. This picture was one of those rear cases. More often than not, art-making is an unpredictable process. 

Take a look at the exhibition's catalogue.

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