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Painter-printmaker Marina Kim
British portrait artist painter-printmaker Marina Kim in the studio. Photograph by Stuart Weston-Smith

Marina Kim at work

British artist painter-printmaker Marina Kim graduated from the Republican College of Art in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, in Graphic Arts. She moved to the UK in 2000, and since 2001 she has lived and worked in Rye, East Sussex.

The primary focus of Marina's work is on portraiture - a complex and diverse subject, offering endless new facets for exploration.

She shares her time between painting and printmaking, spending several months to years on one or the other. Painting mediums satisfy her desire for colour and spontaneity. During introspective periods of research and reflection, she turns to drawing and printmaking.

Marina is most known for her evocative portraits, recently gaining international recognition for the portraiture pieces in a rare and challenging printmaking technique of mezzotint.

She sees humans as multilayered, complex creative beings, flickering between the spiritual and material realms of existence. This subtle tension between the bodily and the etherial aspects of humanity has always been the underlying subject of Marina's work.

Marina's work has been featured in the UK, and International shows including New York Satellite Print Fair, International Print Center New York, Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair and the RA Summer Exhibition 2021.

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