East London Printmakers’ Festival of Print 2021

Mezzotint triptych "Eve" - three fragments of a girl's face. Model Eve Delf. Artist Marina Kim

"Eve" - mezzotint triptych

This year I joined the East London Printmakers and am taking part in their Festival of Print with my original print mezzotint prints, diptych "Words" and triptych "Eve".

East London Printmakers is an artist-run studio in Mile End, London. Its annual members' show called Festival of Print is taking place at the Art Pavilion in Mile End Park, from Friday 26 November to Sunday 5 December. Take a look at the exhibition's catalogue.

The ELP studio provides facilities for intaglio and screenprinting, and runs excellent printmaking courses. In September 2021 I took their course in Screenprinting which I wholehartedly recommend. 

Mezzotint prints. Diptych "Words" - fragments of woman's face with full lips in profile and half-turn

"Words" - mezzotint diptych

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