Commission Portrait Price Guide

Portrait of Ruth Sigman and Michael Mark with Ashira the Dog. Commission a portrait with pets. British portrait artist Marina Kim.
Pricing art is a complex matter, and while this commission portrait price guide gives a good idea about the cost of commissioning a portrait by Marina Kim, it is only a framework.
Please get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Commission Portrait from Life Sittings

I prefer working from life sittings for many reasons. A portrait painting is a collaborative experience between the artist and the sitter. While a project based on photographs is still teamwork, it misses out on the interaction during the hours of drawing and painting from life. I work faster painting from life than from photos. To learn more about my portrait painting process, visit this page.
The life sketching commission - drawing of a head
Life sketching, a portrait in one session - £300

This commission requires one life sketching session of one to two hours at my studio or your place and works particularly well for young children. During the sketching session, the children might be watching a film, drawing, reading or even napping, as was the case with one very young child. By the end, I will have made several rapid sketches capturing the sitter's essence. These will be line drawings in pencils on A4 paper; you can choose the best 2-3 or keep all. In the past, a few of my clients decided to frame one sketch for themselves and gift one or two to grandparents for Christmas or other occasions. 

Read about life sketching commission

Portrait drawing from life sittings - £450

I work in pencil or charcoal on A3 paper for this portrait drawing commission. We can finish the picture in one session of around three hours or two shorter sessions with a break between them.

Portrait of John Izod. Commission portrait by Marina Kim
Emily. Portrait study in oil on board. Portrait commission portfolio of the British artist Marina Kim
Small portrait study in oils - £750

A quick study from life in a painting medium approximately 35x30 cm. It takes two life sittings from start to finish.

I use a variety of painting mediums, usually oils or acrylic, on canvas, canvas on board, or gesso-primed board. We can agree these in advance of the project.

Head and shoulders portrait painting- £1800

A small head and shoulders portrait painting commission from life sittings in oil on canvas is approximately 45x35 cm. It usually takes five sittings, either at my studio or your home. If your time is limited, we can compress the sittings by making them longer and taking fewer days. I have done one of the past commissions in one long (Summer!) day. Alternatively, we can arrange two sittings - one at the start of the project and one at the end, with the portrait being painted from pictures in between.

Portrait of Lorna Jones. Commission portrait by Marina Kim
Portrait of David Tatterton. Painting in oil on canvas. Commission a portrait by A British portrait artist Marina Kim
Three-quarters portrait painting - £3000

This three-quarters portrait painting commission from life sittings in oils or acrylic on canvas is approximately 70x55 cm. I usually leave the background uniform, focusing attention on the sitter. We will spend 5-6 sittings painting from life, and I will also work on the painting between the sittings.

Large portrait painting - £4000

This three-quarters or full-length portrait painting in oils or acrylic on canvas, approximately 100x80 cm, will have a more detailed background to reflect the sitter's personality. I want to spend ten sittings painting from life, and I will also work on the portrait between the sittings.

Portrait of Michael Eve. Portrait commission. British artist Marina Kim
Portrait of Ruth Sigman and Michael Mark with Ashira the Dog. Commission a portrait with pets. British portrait artist Marina Kim.
Small portrait painting with two people - from £3800

The size is approximately 45x70 cm, and the number of sittings is 6-7. I will start with sketching and discussion, then proceed to the painting. The sessions are flexible. The sitters don’t have to be together for all of the sessions, but I would like them together for two or three of them. I will be working alone on the background some other times.

Large portrait painting with two people - from £7000

The size starts from 80x120 cm, and we will have 15 or more sittings shared between the sitters, with some sessions spent together. Otherwise, the routine is similar to the above portrait option. We can arrange to work in my studio. In that case, we'd agree on the sitting dates - some will be together, and some for each sitter individually. It is the same if you would like to set up the painting in your house, for example, to include the details of the interior and pets. Sometimes, I will work on the background details that don't require my sitters' presence.

Portrait of Katie and John Gurney. Portrait painting from life sittings. Commission a portrait artist Marina Kim, South-East England

Commission Portrait from Photos

Commissioning portrait from photographs can be the more practical or the only way to go about the project. Often my clients are too busy to spend many hours on portrait sittings or live far away from Rye. A group portrait would also call for photos. We will find the best solution for your circumstances.
Portrait of Billy. Portrait painting in oils on canvas. Commission a portrait by British portrait artist Marina Kim
Small head and shoulders portrait - £3500

This is a highly finished, almost photorealistic portrait in oils or acrylic on canvas, approximately 40x40 cm. Parents and grandparents often commission paintings of their children in this style to delight in their complexion's peachy quality. I achieve this by taking a long time painting with a small brush and paying attention to minute nuances of colour and tone.

Large portrait painting - from £5000

This larger painting with background elements and exciting composition will look grand on your wall. Whether a portrait of a child for a family home or a corporate portrait, or perhaps a retirement present, it will be a remarkable painting to celebrate life. We will discuss your ideas for the portrait, starting with the "why" and what size and painting medium - oils, acrylic or tempera, would work best.

Portrait of Grace Castle. Commission portrait by Marina Kim
"The Neilson Family" Large family portrait painting in oil on canvas by British portrait artist Marina Kim
group portrait - from £12000

Group portraits from photographs are not just about likeness. They offer an opportunity to create a narrative in the picture. It can be an open book or a hidden message. Although missing out on the immediacy of a painting from life, this commission has the advantage of careful planning. We will begin by discussing your intentions for the picture and devote some time to working on the composition. Your participation in the process can be as active or light-touch as you would like.

Commission Portrait with Pets

I love animals and am a dog person myself. My visitors often ask if I paint portraits of pets. The answer is I paint portraits of people with their pets. It is about you, and including a furry companions in the picture adds to your story.

The process will typically combine life sessions and work from photos. Price-wise, a pet will add 15% to the commission price.

Commission portrait price guide. Portraits with pets.
I hope you find this commission portrait price guide helpful. Please feel free to get in touch with any further questions.