Life Sketching Commission

The life sketching commission - drawing of a head
A different portrait commission

A life sketching portrait is my offering that captures a moment in life in a few quick sketches. It evolved from a conversation with a gallery visitor in Rye for a weekend with his children of 5 and 7. Seeing examples of my various portrait paintings, he thought of a portrait of the children as a birthday gift for his wife. They had limited time in the town so, looking for a quick solution, we came up with the idea of a life sketching session.

What is life sketching commission?

It is one session of me sketching my sitter or sitters, that lasts between 1.5 to 2 hours, and will result in 5-10 quick drawings in pencil on A4 paper. They vary in accuracy. Usually, 2-3 better graphics and a few more abstract ones. This commission is perfect for drawing children aged from a few months to 6-7 years. They may not have the patience to sit still for two hours but will happily watch a cartoon, draw, or listen to a story. While the kids are engaged, I work my way around them, trying to capture their essence in a few quick lines.

Life sketching commission portrait - drawing of a baby in mother's arms
Life sketching session - portrait drawing of a little ballerina
A Special Gift

The session can be held at my studio or at your place, whichever is more convenient. At the end of the session, all of the sketches I have done will be yours; some will be more of a study, but some will be frame worthy. A life sketching portrait commission can make a very special gift for a spouse or the children's grandparents, ideal for a birthday or for Christmas.

What my clients say

"I commissioned these pictures of our daughter as a Christmas present for my husband, as I was looking for a more unusual gift. The sitting we did was very informal and relaxed, and Marina was very accommodating to the needs of a 3-month-old baby. My husband was thrilled with the pictures and says they are something he will cherish forever."

Georgina Lobo

Life sketching portrait drawing. Girl on the floor, drawing. Commission portrait by British artist Marina Kim

"I Am Going To Do Art"

A life sketch of my daughter Alina "doing art" on the floor of my studio.

"Visiting Marina in her studio was a real pleasure for my young daughter and me. Marina's gentle persona calmed a potentially tricky customer in my 2-year-old!
Her exquisite pencil sketches uncovered my daughter's personality and captured her beautifully. Pencil was the perfect medium for a child her age, as Marina could work quickly around my daughter as she played and chatted. We cherish her portrait more than any photograph, as it preserves a piece of toddlerhood which no photograph has managed to do in quite the same way."

Naomi Benson"

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Drawing takes time. A line has time in it.

David Hockney

In drawing, nothing is better than the first attempt.

Pablo Picasso

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