“Sulking Beauty”


Oil on canvas board
Framed in handmade gesso-painted frame
Canvas board size – 24×19 cm
Framed size – 32.5×27 cm

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Ideas for displaying the original oil painting roses in a jar

This small artwork in a black gesso frame will look beautiful in a tight spot on a wall in an old traditional house (a Tudor property comes to mind!), or sharing wall space with a collection of other small artworks in a more contemporary setting. Here at the Roche Gallery, it looks great in a gallery wall display on a curved wall around a circular staircase where only small artworks can fit well.

The details

The size of the framed artwork is only a little larger than A4. It has a cord at the back and is ready to hang on a picture hook or a nail.
Signed by the artist on the front. All the details – artist’s name, year of creation, medium and size, are written on the back.

Care recommendations

This is an oil on canvas board painting and as such, it is very lightfast. Displaying in full sun will not cause harm to the picture. The surface of the painting can be touched with clean hands and lightly dusted with a brush. The only hazardous condition is excessive humidity. It can cause the development of mould on the back of the canvas board and the frame. The frame is made of wood moulding, hand-painted in gesso and finished in wax. All these components are very attractive to pests. If the painting is stored for a long period of time, please make sure the environment is dry and pest-free.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 32.5 × 27 × 5 cm


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