IPCNY Coursework Award. Screenprinting

"Words" 2 - Fragment of a woman's face in half-turn on the black background. Original mezzotint art prints by painter-printmaker Marina Kim, recepient of the IPCNY printmaking award
IPCNY Coursework Award

The peculiar year of 2021, I spent reworking some old and making new mezzotint prints, and submitting work to national and international printmaking awards. One of the successes was with the International Printmaking Center New York (IPCNY). I was surprised, delighted and honoured to have my picture headlining the show, and to become a recipient of the IPCNY Coursework Award. The award offers to pay artists a certain amount towards taking printmaking courses. Screenprinting, aka silkscreen, aka serigraphy, was first on my list of techniques to learn, and I booked myself for a course at the East London Printmakers.

Brush sketch of a river, geese, man walking a dog. Silkscreen print.

"London. River"
29.5x21 cm

The Lessons And The Prints

Three Wednesdays in September under the expert guidance of Ann Norfield and in the company of four wonderful artists turned out very informative and stimulating. In the first lesson, Ann guided us through the setup and the variety of marks we can make with the process. The print "London. River" was the result of day One. The drawing is a quick brush and ink sketch of the view from the windows of the ELP studios.

"Pulling Myself Together" Drawings of six faces in emotional turmoil in red, black and white colours. Original print silkscreen by painter-printmaker Marina Kim

"Pulling Myself Together"
21x30 cm

For the second lesson, we had to bring a printed drawing. I dug up an old sketch of mine. For years, I couldn't decide the best medium to take it further. Serendipitously, and thanks to some registration mishaps, screenprinting worked out perfectly! The title "Pulling Myself Together", although it doesn't apply to screenprinting, hints at a part of a printmaking process called "pulling" a print.

Silkscreen print titled "Keep It tOgether, Girl" in bright red, blue, yellow and white colours with black line drawing.

29.5x21 cm

On the final day of the course, we put together all we've learned, working independently, while Ann supervised and advised us. The print "Keepittogether,Girl" came about as I was thinking about my daughters and the challenges faced by creatively wired minds. It is dedicated to all the creative women out there. Keep it together, girls!

Moving On

Thank you, Ann and the ELP, for the excellent screenprinting course! I've added yet another technique to my bag of printmaking tricks and this one is dynamic and fun in comparison with my usual slow and contemplative mezzotint. I have now become a member of the studios and am looking forward to taking part in the Annual Show in November 2021.

Process Club - screenprinting studio facilities in Hastings

Traveling to London for a day of printmaking is a bit much, but fortunately, I found an excellent studio in nearby Hastings. Process Club is established by a wonderful artist and graphic designer Clare Somerville-Perkins. If you are looking for screenprinting facilities in the Hastings area, I recommend checking this out! 

It operates on monthly membership and can accommodate one artist at a time. Or perhaps a creative duo working on one project. The Britannia Enterprise Centre where the studio is located is a hothouse of small creative businesses and a lovely community and place to be in!

Clare Somerville-Perkins, owner of the Process Club - screenprinting studio facilities in Hastings

Clare Somerville-Perkins

The next course paid for me by the IPCNY Coursework Award is the Photopolymer Etching at Medway Fine Printmakers in Rochester. I am looking forward to getting my hands inky again and later reporting on the experience!

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