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Image size – 6.5×5.5 cm

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A miniature still life. I have Korean roots; that’s why garlic is very important to me 🙂

I like the shape of a garlic bulb – simple yet complex with the light undulations of the individual cloves. And the delicate white colour of the skin is very pleasing.

This single garlic globe I drew directly on the copper plate working “from life”. As this is a small plate, and the subject had no problem sitting still, I could finish it in a couple of sessions.

One of the many tricky things about the mezzotint technique is the necessity to print many proofs to see the progress of the image. With experience, it becomes easier to judge it from the look of the plate and reduce the number of stage proofs.

Mezzotint is one of the intaglio printmaking techniques. It is similar to drypoint. The big advantage of the mezzotint method is its capacity to achieve tonal variations, which no other printmaking technique has.

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