“The Clearing” – Miniature print, children in the woods


Original print. Mezzotint.
Edition of 100
Image size – 10×6 cm (4″x2.5″)
Paper size – 23.5×19 cm (9.25″x7.5″)
Framed size – 35×30 cm (13.75″x12″)

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On our walks in the local woods, I habitually took photos of the children. This image impressed me with its contrast between the power of nature and the vulnerability of the children. The orderly rhythm of the standing trees and the randomness of the fallen branches added to the intriguing atmosphere.

When thinking about the medium for this piece, mezzotint came to my mind. The contrast of black and white helps to express the sense of foreboding in the environment. Two tiny figures outlined by the sunlight against the ragged wood seem fragile, yet they stand calm in their trust and innocence.

My little collection of miniature mezzotints was started out of frugality and gradually became a love interest on the side. A supplier of ready-rocked mezzotint plates Martin Maywood, on my request, used to send me little off-cuts of plates, which he enclosed with my larger orders. These were all sizes and shapes and a variety of ground density (fine shallower ground or a rougher and deeper one with variations in between).

I often find having some limitations to start with (in this instance, the given size and shape of a plate) directs my mind towards a solution. Thus the limitation becomes an aid.
Mezzotint is one of the intaglio printmaking techniques. It is similar to drypoint. The significant advantage of the mezzotint method is its capacity to achieve tonal variations, which no other printmaking technique has.

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