Edition of 100
Image size –  8.5×12.5 cm (3.35″x4.92″)
Paper size – 20×22.5 cm (7.87″x8.86″)
Framed size – 28×31 cm (11.02″x12.2″)

Available for sale unframed and framed ready to hang on a wall



Freedom is an interesting concept, arbitrary and fickle. During the lockdown, I felt so free, even though there were restrictions on what we could do, and where to go. This picture reflects the essence of the feeling of relief and peace I had at the time. Yet, as I had my fill of restorative solitude, this sense of freedom gave way to the restlessness of enforced confinement.

I’ll keep this image for times when I am getting overwhelmed by social pressures, to look at it and re-live the peace and calm of the early days of quarantine.

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Framed, Main image, Unframed

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