“Decameron” 10


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Series of illustrations for “Decameron” by Giovanni Bocaccio.
Day1. Chapter 10.

Master Alberto of Bologna, honestly made a Lady blush that thought to have done as much to him because she perceived him to be amorously affected towards her.

Master Alberto is an old physician who finds himself consumed by love for a beautiful young woman named Malgherida.
Malgherida and her friends realize that the old man’s in love with her and have a good time snickering at him behind his back.
One day, the ladies decide to have some fun with Alberto, so they invite him in to have some wine and snacks with them.
They ask him how it’s possible that an old dude like him could fall in love with a woman like Malgherida, who has many young lovers waiting.
So Alberto gives them a great answer: as an older man, he’s learned patience and hope. He’s also observed that young women have some bizarre likes that can’t be explained.
Who knows, maybe Malgherida has a thing for old men, so he’ll keep hoping.
Malgherida thinks this is an excellent answer and can see that her nasty comments were misplaced.
She tells Alberto that he’s clearly worthy of being loved and that he’s welcome to ask anything of her.

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